Contact information for the Sacred Secular Sanctuary

Whether you live nearby and are able to participate in our monthly meetings, celebrations and other gatherings, or simply like what we are doing and want to lend your support, you can become a member.

The first step is to read our Statement of Principles and decide if you agree.

If our Principles and Aims appeal to you, send a note to:, to introduce yourself and begin the conversation.

Our Member Services Committee will send you a Member Application form and waiver, which will need to be intialled and signed and returned to us along with the Membership fee.

        General Questions

If you have general questions about the Sanctuary, or about the web site, or if you would like to particpate with us in some other way to help us fulfil our aims, please send your questions, suggestions and ideas to:

Regular mail

We are located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

It is rare that anyone needs to send us things via regular post. If you have something to send, just email us at: inquiries@sacredsecularsanctuary.comand let us know about it and you will be given the mailing address of an appropriate member to whom you can send it.


        Passionately curious to meet you    
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